Ross Allen Skorzewski

The Wellness Way

Ross Skorzewksi has an extensive background in human relations with years of experience in communication, relationships, and counseling. He has played key roles at Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, and served as the producer of the Mark Gungor Show, where he was frequently invited to speak and share his discernment on air with listeners seeking guidance. Ross has spent many years as an associate pastor, worship leader and youth pastor at Celebration Church in Green Bay, Wisconsin. There he shared his passion for people and insights on relationships with hundreds, impacting countless lives. Ross also served as the host of the Dr. Patrick Flynn Show.

Ross has a background in construction and working with contractors in building residential homes. He now uses those skills as we look to open new offices within the organization. Ross worked as an IC for The Wellness Way for many years utilizing his expertise in people development to help foster better communication with the team.

Ross is the Director of People Development and Real Estate at The Wellness Way. He joined the staff of The Wellness Way in a full-time role April of 2017. He now continues to share his expertise to help establish a positive and productive workplace environment and provide leadership and personal growth opportunities to the staff within the organization as a whole. Ross lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with his two amazing children Keyan & Mya.