Joe Kiedinger

Prophit Co. – CEO

Joe Keidinger is a well-versed keynote speaker, entrepreneur, author of three books on leadership, CEO of Prophit Co., holds a utility patent for the technology Dignify, and is a father of four. The Dignify technology was invented to advance the mission of Prophit Co., founded by Joe and his wife, Danica. Prophit Co. is a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based communication company focused on organizational health. It exists to inspire and empower businesses to grow and utilizes organizational, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and purpose-directed communication to help achieve that growth for each unique client.

Joe was named one of the top “20 People You Should Know” by the Green Bay Chamber of Wisconsin’s Bay Business Journal and is deeply passionate about his personal purpose: teaching acceptance in an unaccepting world. As a former performer with Carnival Cruise Liens and co-founder of Let Me Be Frank Productions, Joe’s presentation style is high-energy and entertaining. He leaves audiences moved, inspired, and stunned by his ability to hit the nail on the head.