Cori Costello

The Wellness Way – Green Bay

Cori’s story with The Wellness Way started when she found herself post-menopausal at the age of 23; she was working as a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder. After learning about The Wellness Way, she began to shift her definition of health, igniting a desire to share her knowledge with others. As a patient, she remembers thinking that working at The Wellness Way would be a dream!

Now, Cori has been working with The Wellness Way for about 3 years; from Patient Coordinator to Doctor’s Assistant, to Staff Training Coordinator. She is so thankful for what we have to offer and loves working with offices all over the country to train staff members to be able to provide the care that most people won’t find elsewhere. Her passion lies in teaching. Being able to pursue that with such a strong purpose has been incredibly fulfilling for her. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, learning, and spending time in local coffee shops.