Brenda Spranger

The Wellness Way – Account Manager/Leadership Coach for The Wellness Way Managed Clinics

Brenda is currently an Account Manager / Leadership Coach for The Wellness Way Managed Clinics. She is responsible for developing relationships, connecting, inspiring, and coaching. Brenda brings a strong entrepreneurial and leadership background to The Wellness Way, having successfully run her own business for 11 years. After owning her business, Brenda pursued a different career path in the corporate world. She chose to change paths not only to help herself grow, but also to experience another venue for leadership outside of her own business. Brenda has poured countless hours, energy, and tears into personal growth and development. She is skilled at developing teams through teaching self-awareness, exploring limiting beliefs, and helping others identify barriers in their relationships and careers. She has a strong passion for business owners and watching them succeed. Supporting leaders and creating strong relationships are two of her many strengths, and ones in which she takes great pride.